Policies, Terms and Conditions

Tech Assistance, LLC aka YourPrinterTonerStore.com may utilize “cookies”, we actually support your right to use the internet in without being tracked.  We limit “cookies” to maintain the information that we need to sell product.  We do obtain and keep your information anytime you place an order.  Please note we do not control the search engine you may have utilize to find our store, we do participate in buying ads through various search engines in our effort to grow our business. 

With this said here’s the rest of the legal disclosure:

This YourPrinterTonerStore.com, provides users with the opportunity to purchase printers and related equipment which may be sold individually or in mass on the YourPrinterTonerStore.com website.  

The following provisions define the contractual rights and obligations of the operator of the YourPrinterTonerStore.com, USER or USERS shall be defined as all individuals that access the YourPrinterTonerStore.com, whether by surfing, reading, viewing, using, and/or purchasing items offered on the YourPrinterTonerStore.com. The home page of the YourPrinterTonerStore.com is located at the following URL: www.YourPrinterTonerStore.com.

Using the YourPrinterTonerStore.com constitutes full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.


Any access, use, or purchases on the YourPrinterTonerStore.com are available only for legal entities and natural persons of full age and capacity.  We will not knowingly sell to anyone that is deemed underage in the state they reside.

YourPrinterTonerStore.com reserves the right to request proof of age from the USER. YourPrinterTonerStore.com may, at any time, at its sole and exclusive discretion, suspend, limit or discontinue the YourPrinterTonerStore.com order to update it or change its content.  The USER hereby agrees to use the YourPrinterTonerStore.com solely for personal use and, in any event, not to use the YourPrinterTonerStore.com, the products or the content of the YourPrinterTonerStore.com for any illegal purpose, commercial purpose, advertising or spam.

For any questions or information about the products presented on the YourPrinterTonerStore.com, or to report illegal content or activities, the USER may send an email to: [email protected], or send a registered letter with return receipt requested to: Tech Assistance, LLC N6219 Christberg Road, Johnson Creek, WI 53038


Tech Assistance, LLC sole and exclusive responsibility shall be in the specific content TECH ASSISTANCE, LLC provides to USER through the YourPrinterTonerStore.com. 

Tech Assistance, LLC shall not be liable in the following cases:

• Technical or computer failure. The YourPrinterTonerStore.com incompatibility with any hardware or software shall not trigger any liability on the part of Tech Assistance, LLC.

• A hacker(s) alteration of information utilized on our website or an attempt by others to phish or steal from a USER pr YourPrinterTonerStore.com 

• Direct or indirect, material or consequential, foreseeable or unforeseeable damage to the USER arising from the use or difficulty to use the YourPrinterTonerStore.com.

• The circulation of any inaccurate, non-secure or unreliable information on the Internet.

Tech Assistance, LLC does not guarantee the products sold directly and does not provide servicing of any item sold. Kyocera, Epson or Source Technologies USA and ISI provide a manufacturer’s warranty and service which may be anywhere from no coverage to 3 years coverage.  You should seek out that information should you not be able to find it on the product you are purchasing.  Tech Assistance, LLC does it best to provide this information in the information contained with the product.

Tech Assistance, LLC shall not be held liable for any error, omission or inaccuracy of the description due to continuous changes made by Kyocera, Epson or Source Technologies and its distributors. 

The USER is responsible for:

• Protecting its equipment and data;

• Protecting their personal data;

• Any breach of these Terms and Conditions.

The USER specifically acknowledges that USER bears the entire responsibility for the selection of products they chose when using the YourPrinterTonerStore.com.


All of the YourPrinterTonerStore.com elements (including ergonomics, texts, graphs, images, sounds, videos, programming elements, database – this list shall not be considered exhaustive), together or separately, are the exclusive property of Tech Assistance, LLC, protected pursuant Code of Intellectual Property.

Access to the YourPrinterTonerStore.com does not represent the recognition of a right, and does not confer any rights, including any intellectual property rights relating to any of the elements of the YourPrinterTonerStore.com, which remain Tech Assistance, LLC ‘s exclusive property.


The USER may choose to the payment method by accessing the “CART” and checkout on the YourPrinterTonerStore.com.

If a payment fails because of the expiration of the USER’s card, insufficient funds or for any other reason, the YourPrinterTonerStore.com reserves the right to suspend the USER’s order, until obtaining a valid payment method.

The USER guarantees to Tech Assistance, LLC that the USER has the necessary permissions to use the payment method chosen and recognizes that the transmission to Tech Assistance, LLC of the USER’s banking information is evidence of its ability and consent to the sale, and to the payment due pursuant to the purchase.

Tech Assistance, LLC does not save the details of the USER’s credit cards, but the proof of the transaction is archived.  All transactions are handled by PayPal or Square and they have their own terms of use.

Should the accredited bodies refuse to authorize the payment by credit card or in case of non-payment, Tech Assistance, LLC reserves the right to suspend or cancel the purchase and its delivery.

Tech Assistance, LLC also reserves the right to refuse a purchase made by a USER who has not fully paid its purchase or has not fully paid a previous purchase or with whom a dispute is unsettled.

Return of products is limited to “Dead On Arrival or Damage in transit only”. Machines damaged in transit must be reported in a timely manner not to exceed 5 business days to us and the shipping company in order to file a reasonable claim of recovery. All new printers have warranty, and this may be transferred to a Kyocera, Epson or Source Technologies dealer near you if needed. Kyocera, Epson or Source Technologies may offer a replacement machine should your machine cannot be properly repaired during their warranty period. Tech Assistance, LLC is a Reseller and Distributer and does not offer service on the machine other than through its resources which may be limited to online, phone or PC to PC assistance. Matters concerning quality of print can be from numerous variables such as dust, humidity and quality of paper and this is not a warrantable concern. Please have your serial number available for any warrant claim or for assistance with your machine.


Personal data collected 

Tech Assistance, LLC will securely collect the following personal data when a USER purchases a product:

• A proof of purchase for the item selected;

• Internal invoices used by Tech Assistance, LLC for tax purposes;

• The USER’s email address;

• Any document ordered or saved by the USER.

Tech Assistance, LLC collects and stores the personal data off line so that we do so that we can continue offering the products on our YourPrinterTonerStore.com.

When initially creating a USER account, the following information may be collected and stored:

• The USER’s first and last name;

• The USER’s mailing / shipping address if different.

If a USER chooses not to provide this information, access to the product or services offered by Tech Assistance, LLC will not be permitted. The information noted above is required to make a purchase. 

Web Hosting 

Tech Assistance, LLC web host is Woocommerce a simplified webhost company.

Personal data passed to third parties

Personal data collected by Tech Assistance, LLC; may be shared with any third parties.  This is necessary as a function of completing, shipping an order, additionally this information is shared with Kyocera, Epson or Source Technologies for the purpose of warranty, recalls or safety information. We however never share or sell this information with one exception in the event we sell the business this information will be part of the deal as this data is a valuable asset and has value for the buyer.

Data Controller

The Data is stored at Tech Assistance, LLC

• E-mail address: [email protected] 

• Phone number: 6082255149; 

• Registered mail: Tech Assistance, LLC – N6219 Christberg Road, Johnson Creek, WI 53038 

Conditions applicable to children’s consent for the collection of personal data

Children who are less than sixteen years of age may not consent to the processing and the collection of their personal data. Tech Assistance, LLC may create checks via any means to ensure that a USER is the relevant age of consent. Tech Assistance, LLC may also create checks to ensure that if a USER is under the relevant age of consent, that proper consent of a parent or legal representative has been obtained.


Tech Assistance, LLC may use cookies. A cookie is a small file stored on the USER’s computer by Tech Assistance, LLC while the USER is using the YourPrinterTonerStore.com.  Cookies are used to improve the browsing experience of the USER. The cookies Tech Assistance, LLC uses are “session cookies” and do not require USER consent.


The invalidity of one or more of these provisions does not invalidate any other provision within these Terms and Conditions. The remainder of the provisions, which are still valid, shall remain in full and force and effect.


Should TECH ASSISTANCE, LLC fail to enforce one or more of the provisions of this document, it shall not entitle the USER not to comply with that provision or any other provision of these Terms and Conditions, and shall not constitute or be deemed a final waiver of the assertion of Tech Assistance, LLC ‘s rights.


Tech Assistance, LLC has a right to unilaterally amend the Terms and Conditions and to post an updated or edited version of the Terms and Conditions on the YourPrinterTonerStore.com. The USER hereby agrees to read the Terms and Conditions each time the USER accesses the YourPrinterTonerStore.com. Tech Assistance, LLC undertakes no obligation to specifically inform the USER about any changes to the Terms and Conditions. Continued use of the YourPrinterTonerStore.com by the USER constitutes a continued acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. The conditions applicable are those stated on the YourPrinterTonerStore.com when the USER uses any of the SERVICES of the YourPrinterTonerStore.com or the YourPrinterTonerStore.com itself.


Tech Assistance, LLC is a company registered and licensed in the USA only and has its primary office and operations in Wisconsin.

USER hereby submits to the jurisdiction of USA and acknowledges fully that these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws (without regard to conflict of law provisions) and that no other foreign or international laws shall apply.  To the fullest extent permitted by law and especially in case of any dispute between the parties, the controlling language for these Terms and Conditions is in English. 

In case of any dispute or claim, however, before undertaking any method involving a third party, USER hereby agrees to first contact Tech Assistance, LLC directly so that the parties may come to an amicable solution by arbitration in the State of Wisconsin.